OLDP updates
      Thank you to everyone who made our Fair another success and a truly enjoyable event. Thank you to our out-going leadership team, Sherri & Richard Wright, for all of their hard work these past 3 years. Thank you to everyone on the Fair Committee who, along with Sherri & Richard, did a fantastic job in the planning and implementing the many months before the actual Fair date. Thank you to everyone who volunteered their time and blessed us with their hard work, their donations and their commitment. Thank you to all of our Bands: 90 Degrees West, Category 6, and The Top Cats. Thank you to Mitchell Brothers Ride Company, all of our vendors and our many Stage, Booth, T-Shirt, and Fence sponsors.
      Thank you to the OLDP Office Staff, School Staff, Parents’ Club, Teachers, Parents and Students, Knights of Columbus, all of our Ministries, Prayer Groups, and Organizations that stepped up in so many ways to help this year as we celebrated our School’s 50th Anniversary. Thanks to all of our Teens and CYO members, hopefully you got a lot of Service Hours. Thanks to everyone who did the Set-up, nightly clean up, and Monday after the Fair Clean up. Thank you to Mark Schielder for all of his, behind the scenes, work and for his crew helping with the take down and clean up. Thank you to all of our Jefferson Parish Police and Fire personal who helped throughout the weekend. Thank you to everyone who donated for our Parade of Prizes and all who donated the wonderful gift baskets. Thank you to our students that performed at the Fair, their teachers that helped them, and their family members who were there supporting them.
      Special thanks to Jerry, from Short Stop Poboys, and Gene Usner, from 2 Amigos, for all their help. Thanks to the Money Room volunteers. Thanks to Tommy Thomas who was everywhere, doing just about everything, to keep the Fair and the Booths going. And I know I have probably forgotten many, many, people. There are just too many to thank you all, by name, but we do appreciate everyone and thank you all.
      Mark your calendars for next year’s Fair:  April 26, 27, & 28, 2019.
      Breaking News: Bubba is Back! Bubba has generously agreed to come back as the Chair of the Fair. Thank you, Bubba.
      And while you are marking your calendars our OLDP Art Show and Auction is just 4 weeks away: Friday, June 1st at 6:00 p.m. in the Bahan Center. Once more I will be donating 50 original pieces of Artwork to benefit our Parish. Please come out and tell your friends. This year I have included a number of local Churches in my Artwork. Please see some samples of the art in this bulletin and on our website: www.oldp.org.

God bless you,

Fr. Mike


Fr. Mike's Art Auction fundraiser is just around the corner, on Friday, June 1st in the Bahan Center.

There are some new and exciting paintings being offered this year, and Fr. Mike has been busy getting them all ready.  Here are just a few samples.

Please click on them to enlarge...

Please note that Fr. Mike donates all paint, painting supplies, his time and his original paintings for this fundraiser.  All proceeds from this auction are used for improvements in the parish and the school.