OLDP updates
For those who missed the Art Show and would like some of my Original Artwork, matted and framed, you are in luck. There are some pieces left after the show that we are going to put up for bid until August 6th, when the bidding will close. This weekend, July 14th and 15th, the pieces are available in the Narthex for viewing and live (silent) bidding. After this weekend, through Monday August 6th, you can call in to the Church Office to check where the bid stands for the piece or pieces you may want to purchase. Obviously, you cannot call to bid on the weekends since the office is closed but you will be able to see the pieces each weekend, see the current bids, and make another bid.
All bids will begin at $100.00. Higher bids must be in $5.00 increments. Remember, that all proceeds go toward the Cuccia Center Kitchen Renovations costing over $16,000. Also remember that the matting and framing alone for these pieces of Original Art cost me between $30 and $50. So, if you only do the minimum bid of $100 that is not putting very much value on my Original Art, which I have created and donated for this fundraiser to benefit Our Lady of Divine Providence Church. Please be generous with you bids. Thank you.
For those of you who want prints of the “Sold” pieces. I will have a booth at the OLDP Craft Fair on Saturday, September 15th. Please come and support our Craft Fair. Thanks.

God bless you,
Fr. Mike