Who is Fr. Jerry?

Hello Parishioners of OLDP Church, Fr. Mike informed me that many of you are wondering who’s this strange priest that has been seen around the church and celebrating Mass. My name is Fr. Jerry Daniels. 

I was ordained in May 2001 for the Diocese of Jackson MS and moved here from serving in the Diocese of Knoxville Tennessee for the past three years to begin a new assignment as full time chaplain at the Archdiocese Retreat Center (formerly the Cenacle) in Metairie. 

I will be living in residence at OLDP and helping Fr. Mike out from time to time by celebrating Mass here at OLDP when my schedule permits. I look forward to meeting you at some point, although I will remember your face, I may ask your name 1000 times, be patient with me because there is only one of me and hundreds of you.