Theology On Tuesdays


“Who Do You Say That I Am”

-    Mark 8:29

A Presentation on the Christology of Mark

by Father Earl Muller, S.J.


Jesus reveals himself in the Gospel of Mark in a way the disciples did not understand. The Jewish leaders did understand what Jesus was doing (and they rejected this).  All of this is preparation for our asking ourselves the question Jesus asked of his disciples, "Who do you say that I am?" Can we allow the radicalness of what Jesus revealed of himself to touch our lives radically--and, of course, this cannot be done without accepting the Spirit of Jesus into our hearts.  The disciples had to grow in their understanding of Jesus; so do we.


TUESDAY MAY 16, 2017

7 p.m.

Our Lady of Divine Providence Church

8617 W. Metairie Ave.

Theology on Tuesdays is a program, sponsored by the School of Religion, which provides ADULT FAITH FORMATION. Every Tuesday evening (except those that fall on or close to holidays) there will be presentations on various topics pertaining to the beauty and wonder of our Catholic Faith.

All presentations will begin at approximately 7 pm (right after the School of Religion Prayer Service) and will be held in the Church.

PRESENTERS: Most of the presentations will be facilitated by Earl Gervais (our parish DRE), but several will be given by expert guest presenters.

For more information contact Earl Gervais in the Parish Office (504)-466-4511, or e-mail Earl at egervais@arch-no.org